Well, yes, sim requests are open! 

I have been very busy, the clock don’t stop! I have no time for tumblr! You have missed me???

I only have time for start making the sims in the weekend but if you want you can make you request now <33 I will inform everyone with a text post when I close my requests <3

Note: I’m not fast making the requests. I take some time. But don’t think I’m ignoring you. I never ignore anyone. NEVER. Just wait some time!


Not really a question but.... Ur such a beautiful person on the inside (idk wut you look like but I'm sure ur gorgeous) and there is nothing but positively on this blog like how it should be. Keep doing you and I love you so much and everything about u is perfect wlwlgkdlslckvmdlslflelxkksls. Also ur sims are the definition of perfection

And you are the definition of the sweetness <3 OMG this is so cute, thank you sooooooo much! This is the best thing omg, you are the PERFECT ANON E.V.E.R <333 hihihihi you make my day! I feel like the happiest person in the world. I love you too!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH <333 (I’ve been jumping around my house, because I’m very happy!! Isn’t every days that someone tells us so sweet things <3) Thank you again!


seoulchi said: 

icey blueeeeee~ i like her eyes! <3

Oh my baby I miss you so much!! We need to talk more but I still love you <33 And thankkksss!! You are my sweetie-bunny girl xD hihi love you~

Once you get this, you have to say 5 things about yourself, and send to 10 of your favorite followers! <33

Oh my sweetie pie♥ Thank you so so much! You’re a love! Sorry for the late reply, I have seen only now <3

1. My favorite color is black, I love love love love black! I’m always dressed in black. But I’m not Gothic xDD

2. I don’t like cheese…but I love milk!

3. This is so hard!!!!

4. I always sleep with my teddy bear, his name is Dudu  this is embarrassing

5. I like hello kitty and I loooooooveeeee Badtz-Maru!!!


I love how detailed Treesimz holiday skin “sugar” is. :)


I love this hair, is amazing!


I’m praying for you…


" When someone important to you dies, you also want to die.There are no words for the pain. But even so, you have to support it and be strong. The life is sad and unfair, full of pain. Maybe the death is more easy… No one knows and no one will

All the life is a game full of dangers, and you? You’re gonna win or lose?

Once you get this, you have to say 5 things about yourself, and send to 10 of your favorite followers! Miss you!

Oh thank you babyy!! I miss you more!!! LOVE YOU~~

1- I am very sad today because this post… I want cry <3

2- I love the cold and the snow!!

3- My parents expect me to be a perfect girl…But I am as I am! They expect too much of me sometimes…

4- Is really hard to think of these TT_TT

5- I’m very lazy! I want spend all day sleeping and playing games. But don’t think bad about me! I’m a good person xDD

This is my Christmas Gift for you all! Well, it’s nothing special but I hope you like <3

  • Tag "madyssims" if you want, but you don’t need…
  • The amazing mesh is by: Sentate
  • Included in the folder .package and sim3pack
  • 2 recolorable channels



Oh my loves the day finally come!! Christmas, season of happiness and peace.

I love Christmas, all the family together is the most important thing but gifts are also important, of course  *COUGH* *COUGH*…

But, really I hope you have a wonderful day, All good <3 ILY

Just do not get fat, ok?

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